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Secure your applications with DOOR3

Since 2003, we've built applications for demanding, security-focused clients. These years of battle-tested expertise have shaped our security practice.

Security is a way of being, not a destination.

We begin all application security engagements believing that security is a mindset to which organizations must regularly recommit. DOOR3 security consulting services deliver answers and actionable intelligence.



  • Identify application security risks, from code to operational practices

  • Report the findings to non-technical project sponsors

  • Document the technical findings for engineers



  • Address vulnerabilities

  • Harden applications

  • Remediate risk



  • Deploy real-time monitoring and recovery systems

  • Plan for continuous improvement

  • Respond to and address threats

Our intelligence and expertise actively protects the security of our clients.
Good security goes unnoticed.
Except by the bad actors.
All software applications can be penetrated. DOOR3 advocates aggressive vigilance and adaptive security practices.