Security is a way of being, not a destination

We begin all application security engagements believing that security is a mindset to which organizations must regularly recommit. DOOR3 is an application security company that delivers answers and actionable intelligence.

DOOR3 as an application security company

  • Assessment
    • Identify application security risks, from code to operational practices

    • Report the findings to non-technical project sponsors

    • Document the technical findings for engineers

  • Recommendation
    • Address vulnerabilities

    • Harden applications

    • Remediate risk

  • Preparedness
    • Deploy real-time monitoring and recovery systems

    • Plan for continuous improvement

    • Respond to and address threats

"DOOR3 is a trusted partner in the designing and building of our digital properties. For the community project, DOOR3 was able to meet the goals within a tight timeline, working closely with our team. We have done several projects together and look forward to continued collaboration."

Joe Lalley
Vice President Digital Product & Operations WWE

Turn your digital products from functional applications into business assets.