Security is a way of being, not a destination

DOOR3 is an application security (AppSec) company that delivers meaningful answers and actionable intelligence. Good application security is not a one-and-done project. We begin every application security engagement with the belief that security is a mindset to which businesses must regularly recommit. As such, we not only identify security risks in your company’s applications and resolve current security issues, but also proactively prepare for future threats.

Our Process as an application security company

  • Assessment

    DOOR3 is experienced in identifying application security risks, from code to operational practices. We will not only document the technical findings for engineers, but we will also report our findings to non-technical project sponsors identified by your company.

  • Recommendations

    Our security audit will include specific AppSec recommendations for your company that address vulnerabilities, harden applications, and remediate risk. We provide clear, actionable next steps to all relevant project stakeholders and collaborators involved in your business.

  • Preparedness

    Beyond addressing current threats and vulnerabilities to your business, we also deploy real-time monitoring and recovery systems to address risks on an ongoing basis and plan for continuous AppSec improvements to your product.

"DOOR3 is a trusted partner in the designing and building of our digital properties. For the community project, DOOR3 was able to meet the goals within a tight timeline, working closely with our team. We have done several projects together and look forward to continued collaboration."

Joe Lalley,
Vice President,
Digital Product & Operations WWE

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