Taking over an unstable intranet

PRISM Vision Group, a prominent healthcare organization specializing in acquiring optometry practices, faced significant challenges due to a bespoke and complex intranet system left in disarray by a departing employee. This critical situation threatened their operational efficiency and ability to integrate newly acquired practices seamlessly.


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  The inherited intranet system was a tangled web of custom spaghetti code.

Deeply integrated with numerous external systems, yet lacking in maintainability and scalability. It required a high level of manual maintenance and was only accessible through a VPN, significantly hindering the productivity of the staff spread across various locations. 

Before and after DOOR3 took PRISM Vision Group through its intranet development takeover

A DOOR3 intervention

We jumped into swift project rescue operation with PRISM. Our team quickly stabilized the existing system to ensure business continuity. Recognizing the need for a long-term solution, we embarked on a comprehensive analysis, opting for a cloud migration to Microsoft SharePoint Online hosted on Azure. This approach not only streamlined operations but also leveraged Microsoft 365 integration for seamless user experience across the board.

Pivotal steps
Emergency intervention

Immediate stabilization a the existing system to keep the lights on.

Discovery and planning

Conducting a thorough discovery phase to architect a modern, cloud-based intranet solution that would meet PRISM's growing needs.

Implementation and migration

Developing and deploying the new intranet, emphasizing user-friendly design, responsiveness, and ease of maintenance, culminating in a significant cloud migration that enhanced accessibility and eliminated the need for VPN.


PRISMS new resources page developed by DOOR3


Inside a resource on PRISM’s new intranet solution

Three major improvements
Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The new SharePoint Online intranet transformed PRISM's internal operations, making information and tools readily accessible to employees without the complexities of the previous system.

Award-Winning Design

Despite focusing on functionality, the intranet's design was recognized with a design award, highlighting Door Three's ability to balance aesthetic appeal with practical utility.

Scalable and Secure Platform

Leveraging Azure and Microsoft 365 ensured that the solution was not only scalable and secure but also positioned PRISM for future growth and integration opportunities.

“DOOR3 was spectacular in managing the project. They delivered on time and on budget.”

Sr. Program Director

An agile response to an urgent client need

The success of the PRISM project exemplifies our approach to technology solutions: understanding the unique challenges of our clients, leveraging the best of existing technologies, and customizing solutions that drive operational excellence. PRISM Vision Group's journey from crisis to an award-winning intranet system underscores the transformative potential of thoughtful technology intervention in healthcare operations.

An agile response to an urgent client need

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