Integrate workflows and data into one unified view

Unlock the potential of your business with custom business operations software

DOOR3 has more than two decades of experience building business applications and custom enterprise software platforms across industries using the latest cutting-edge technologies. We help enterprises work more efficiently, solve long-standing challenges, and gain valuable insights into their operations.

Here at DOOR3, we believe in the power of technology to revolutionize your business. We work closely with your organization, performing interviews, research, and analysis to understand your goals, requirements, and the present state of your industry. Custom business operations software empowers your team with improved communication and data-gathering capabilities built on analytical intelligence to help facilitate smart business decisions and ensure success well into the future.

Our business operations software capabilities

  • Blockchain-Based Paradigm Shift

    We can incorporate blockchain, along with its ability to create an encrypted, immutable record of transactions, into solutions that can open up new possibilities for your enterprise, your customers, and your partners.

  • Machine Learning Solutions

    We create software utilizing machine learning to help your team parse large amounts of data, identify patterns, and derive actionable insights that can benefit your business.

  • Upgrade Legacy to Modern Systems

    We can update legacy applications built on outdated technologies to modernize platforms and optimize user interfaces.

  • Workforce Mobility

    We build responsive web applications and native mobile phone apps. We also update legacy systems with cross-platform capabilities to empower your workforce from wherever they are.

  • Systems and Data Integration

    We create solutions that integrate workflows and data sources into one unified view, giving employees the ability to work more efficiently and businesses valuable insights into operations.

  • Custom Business Software Development

    We create new platforms for collaboration and innovation that unify your business processes and bring them into the digital realm.

  • CRM Integration

    We can help you discover new possibilities and build long-lasting relationships by integrating your marketing contacts, sales management, and customer support into your core applications.

  • Custom ERP

    We help businesses integrate core processes, achieve transparency, and manage business resources through bespoke enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

  • Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

    We enable businesses to gain insights from the data produced by their day-to-day operations through smart data collection, integration, and visualization.

  • Intranets

    We build and support intranets — internal portal platforms that enable collaboration, business intelligence gathering, and greater efficiency across teams, offices, and global borders.

  • Collaboration

    We help companies enable their teams to work more efficiently with a wide range of custom portal solutions built with your operations in mind, on platforms ranging from SharePoint to Facebook.

  • Business Process Management (BPM) & Automation (BPA)

    We assist companies along their path to digital transformation with solutions that automate rote workflows, increase process transparency and accountability, and free teams up to innovate and succeed.

  • Robotic Process Automation

    We enable companies to take advantage of automation with robotic process automation (RPA) solutions that can automate essential tasks by mimicking human input into pre-existing applications they may already have running.

How we build award-winning business operations software

  • Business Analysis

    Our business analysis strategy team begins with a discovery phase — a short, impactful series of meetings that helps us gain insight into your competitive advantages, unique differentiators, paths to market, and anything else that might affect the scope of your project. We create strategies that are transformative, future-forward, and scaled to your needs.

  • User Experience Strategy

    Our user experience design team works to gain a deep understanding of user needs, how they work, and what they need to get the job done better. A well-designed user interface can push your app to the next level and supercharge your business with improved learnability and ease of use.

  • Project Management

    Our software development process is designed to provide a predictable and reliable roadmap for our clients. Our teams, led by our project managers, work to deliver custom software solutions on-time and on-budget. We’re comfortable working in Waterfall or Agile, so that we can select the methodology that’s best for your project, your deadline, and your budget.

  • Application Architecture & Core Engineering

    When it comes to the core of your business operations software, we build with the longevity of your product in mind. Our architecture and core engineering teams consider your whole software ecosystem and a broad range of technologies — from cloud middleware to blockchain to mobile applications to machine learning — to ensure that we find the best fit for your needs.

  • Quality Assurance

    Our QA team members are intimately involved in the project lifecycle to ensure that they understand the software’s expected behavior as well as the needs of your users. This enables them to catch issues early on so that the team can deliver on-time and on-budget, and ensure that your data migration and rollout go smoothly.

Custom business operations software trends

  • Cloud-Based Information

    Whether the business operations software your company needs is a quote generator for insurance plans or a scheduling app for your mobile workforce, taking advantage of publicly available information in the cloud has the power to streamline your operations.

  • Business Data

    Your internal business operations software doesn’t just help your company run more smoothly — it’s also a repository for all the information your company generates. Whether you’re looking to track profit centers on a team-by-team basis or create a database of accounts, a custom intranet solution will give you a window into your company’s intelligence.

"In the six months after launch, new policy sales were up 10-fold! The trend indicates we will double that again in a few more months. The technology that DOOR3 has provided has increased our efficiency, provided a better customer experience and has helped us build a reputation within the Canadian insurance industry as the most innovative broker in the country."

Matt Alston,
Surex Direct

DOOR3 is a Leading Business Operations Software Development Company