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Portal development that improves business communications and increases business revenue

What makes a collaboration platform truly great? Imagine an intranet portal system that fits the way your team works — allowing for fast, effortless communication and collaboration across departments. We can design and build a custom portal that builds bridges throughout your organization and fits your company’s core systems. Our intranet portal solutions can help you manage your group’s roles and responsibilities, act as a repository for the information your employees need to get their job done, and collect data to help you learn how your company can work smarter. DOOR3 provides custom web portal development & design services by combining the in-depth knowledge of our clients’ operations with our award-winning design capabilities.

We believe that web portal development solutions can be an indispensable business tool that creates space for your team to collaborate. We take the time to understand your company and how you work to build a platform that meets your business needs within realities of your industry. With our range of experience working across platforms, we can evaluate which approach is right for your project and drive towards a cost-effective solution on an accelerated development track.

We’ll help you put the pieces together to build a custom platform to elevate your business to new heights.

Our capabilities as a web portal development company

  • SharePoint

    Take advantage of Microsoft’s applications and resources with this quintessential collaboration platform that offers simple-to-use sharing, collaboration, and messaging tools for desktop and mobile.

  • Facebook

    We can build your internal platform on this social network that — odds are good — your employees are already familiar with to take advantage of the platform’s popular chat, networking, and collaboration tools.

  • Salesforce

    Salesforce’s platform comes ready with plenty of enterprise-friendly tools and can scale up quickly to support your collaboration and CRM efforts, with social and mobile capabilities built in.

  • Dynamics 365

    We can unify your internal programs with Dynamics, a Microsoft platform that has the capabilities to support your CRM and ERP functions in one modern, end-to-end cloud-based application.

  • K2 Blackpearl

    We help businesses quickly roll out and scale platforms that enable automation and internal workflows with K2, which offers easy integration and a suite of pre-built apps ready to be plugged in.

How a custom intranet portal development can work for you

  • Space for Collaboration

    Imagine one platform that brings together data, content, and employee interactions into a single, unified place. Custom portals can bring togther employee communication and collaboration, providing the context and materials needed to come up with innovative ideas.

  • Automate Your Workflows

    A smart custom portal knows how your teams work, making sure that the right people are involved and the right documents are in their hands at the right time. Whether you need approval for a proposal or access to the timely data, a well-designed custom portal can put the resources you need at your fingertips.

  • Manage Documents

    Collect all of your company’s wisdom and knowledge in a single, easy-to-access custom portal. An internal document repository can give your employees the tools they need to get up to speed and succeed.

Intranet portal development trends

  • Incorporate New Systems Seamlessly

    Your company probably has two types of users: power users that log into a database or program every day and infrequent users that only need occasional access to complete a task. A well-engineered custom portal solution can provide a single interface for your various functions that lets employees work in systems they use infrequently or adopt new systems without a steep learning curve.

  • Employing Business Data

    Your business generates a vast amount of data every day. You can capture and mine that data via your intranet. From tracking collaboration and decision-making processes to storing historical data on how work was completed, custom web portal development can provide organizational knowledge to surface methods that were successful in the past, streamline your company’s work, and help your business perform better.

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