Build business intelligence with intuitive dashboards and focused reports.

Data-driven design

Your company’s data is the key to so much: setting up smart forecasting, finding new revenue streams, creating tailored experiences for your customers. Let DOOR3’s data visualization consulting help you unlock the actionable insights hidden in your data analytics through smart visual designs and easily interpreted dashboards, reports, and other business intelligence solutions.

User research is made up of:

  • User Interviews
    User Interviews

    We interview a cross-section of your current and potential users to learn about their perception of your brand and products, as well as their usage habits, needs, and goals.

  • Stakeholder Interviews
    Stakeholder Interviews

    We speak with a broad range of your internal stakeholders to find out their goals for your digital products and what they need to accomplish those goals.

  • User Personas
    User Personas

    We build composite personas for current and potential users based on our user research capabilities to help the whole team align on who this product is for, and what’s important to those users.

  • User Observation
    User Observation

    We observe users interacting with your live product, wireframes, or prototypes to not only find usability issues, but also spot moments of friction or opportunity that can lead to future product design improvements.

  • Research Surveys
    Research Surveys

    We tap into a larger group of users or stakeholders with carefully crafted user research surveys that can tease out broader insights.

  • Competitive and Industry Research
    Competitive and Industry Research

    We delve into your industry, including your competitive set and relevant regulations and requirements, to identify what your product needs to accomplish to be successful while also being compliant, along with finding potential new areas of opportunity.

Our Work

Connecting a global law firm with one award winning intranet

A History of Awards and Accolades

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Serving 500+ organizations worldwide

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