Research-Backed Insights

Make a plan for innovation based on comprehensive user and business research.

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to find the right path forward. Whether creating enterprise software or cross-platform digital experiences, DOOR3 engages your users and stakeholders in order to gain valuable insights and analyze them within the broader context of your industry. We develop user personas, conduct interviews and workshops, and complete an analysis of all aspects of your product, your company, and your industry. These findings help our agency craft your company’s strategy for a new product, improve your existing offerings, or consult on a digital roadmap for your enterprise’s future. Whether consulting on a digital transformation or establishing your enterprise software on a new platform, our agency’s dedicated user experience team is ready to find the best solutions to your firm’s needs.

Our user research capabilities

  •  User Interviews
    User Interviews

    It is key to understand how your business’s current and potential users perceive your brand and products. We interview a cross-section of your users to learn their usage habits, needs, and motives, the insights gained from these interviews are integral to creating an impactful experience.

  •  Stakeholder Interviews
    Stakeholder Interviews

    By interviewing a broad range of internal stakeholders, we seek to understand the goals of your digital products so that our team can design experiences that meet the needs of your users and your company. The stakeholder interviews our firm conducts lead to solutions in alignment with your business goals for today and into the future.

  •  User Personas
    User Personas

    User Personas allows our agency to analyze the needs of your users to produce targeted and purposeful user experiences. We develop customer archetypes based on data gathered from real users’ experiences, which allows our agency to empathize with their needs and design for an ideal experience of your product.

  •  User Observation
    User Observation

    We observe users interacting with your business’s live product, wireframes, or prototypes to find usability issues and identify instances of friction or opportunities that can lead to design improvements to make your product the best it can be.

  •  Research Surveys
    Research Surveys

    We tap into groups of users or stakeholders with carefully crafted user research surveys that reveal deep insights. This process can suggest improvements to your product through streamlined interfaces, new functionality or improved platform compatibility.

  •  Competitive and Industry Research
    Competitive and Industry Research

    We analyze your industry in depth to find out how your company can gain and maintain a competitive edge. Our agency has decades of cross-industry experience that we bring to satisfying regulations and determining the best solutions for diverse enterprises.

Our Work

Connecting a global law firm with one award winning intranet

 Connecting a global law firm with one award winning intranet

A History of Awards and Accolades

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Serving 500+ organizations worldwide

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