Discovery Consultation Services

We coordinate with clients to choose the best approach for developing and actualizing your ideas.

In order for innovative ideas to have real-world impact, they must be developed with care and precision. At DOOR3, we not only envision groundbreaking digital products, we leverage our broad expertise to determine the most effective way to develop and deploy your ideas in the real world. During discovery, we work closely with clients, eliciting business requirements, assessing technical approaches, providing cost estimation, and supporting project planning. In this way, we ensure our teams are attuned to your specific business goals and the solutions we develop offer a competitive advantage at a practical cost.

The discovery process can be standalone or part of the initial efforts of a full-scale project implementation, involving a wide range of activities to complete deliverables and ultimately meet business needs. We take an iterative approach to learning about your business within the context of the larger market, mapping current processes with future state goals, and identifying pain points and their root causes. With this understanding, we can begin eliciting business requirements, map out user journeys, and construct the proof-of-concepts or prototype wireframes necessary to drive development.

Another goal of discovery is to determine the optimal approach to architecture and core engineering in order to solve your business challenges. Through this collaborative effort, we select industry best standards to ensure that your platform will be supportable and maintainable long term and at scale. The depth of our expertise allows us to be “tech-agnostic,” meaning we find the best solution to fit your business needs and help you achieve your milestones for success.

The path to success in any project depends on careful planning and resourcing. During the discovery phase, DOOR3’s project managers collaborate with you to create a comprehensive plan for work that includes a detailed roadmap for project success. Our business analysts and user experience teams apply their expertise and understanding to increase project efficiency and impact before work begins. Additionally, our solutions architects and developers ensure what we build will serve your business needs today, as well as into the future.

Our Discovery Capabilities

  • Requirements Gathering

    Eliciting requirements using a variety of methods, from one-to-one interviews, surveys/questionnaires, observation sessions, system/interface analysis, archival research, etc. In our Agile approach, these activities will be iterative and follow an agenda outlined by the project roadmap. A majority of these activities will involve the stakeholders and product owner in a group setting, where the major business requirements will be addressed directly.

  • Feature Mapping

    Feature maps visualize a framework of what we need to develop. High-level discussion about user roles and functionality are elucidated through collaborative dialogues and mapped onto project phases. Through ongoing discussion, we can rearrange or edit features to cover required user flows and fine-tune the details. This map serves as an artifact to base development on and allows us to estimate the scope of the project.

  • Roadmapping

    The project roadmap is a schedule of events or milestones whose objective is to communicate the deliverables between our project team. This living document evolves throughout the project life cycle and includes commitments enshrined within a clear timeline. This core plan directs the feature development to align with your business goals and allow oversight and resource evaluations at every step of the project.

Our Discovery Consulting Process

  • Industry Expertise

    We combine in-depth business analysis and a wide-range technological approach to develop a cutting-edge solution that satisfies your current requirements and sustains your business as it grows.

  • Collaborative Approach

    We develop solutions to fit your business, not the other way around. Our teams work to clarify your needs, plan a comprehensive approach, and design well-functioning, visually stunning solutions that address specific problems.

  • Visionary Perspective

    Our forward-thinking approach ensures that what we develop together will serve your business in today’s rapidly changing landscape, as well as into the future, no matter how you grow and change.

Discovery Trends

  • Stand Out From the Competition

    In today’s markets, the competitive edge resides with innovation. Our discovery process helps us create a comprehensive plan for a custom technology solution that will give your business a unique edge.

  • User Driven Design and Development

    Your users’ experiences drive our work. In combining a behavioral approach to development with a user-centric design perspective, we can ensure a solution that is optimally coded, easy to use, and visually appealing.

  • Agile Approach to Project Management

    We understand that to be effective, a business needs to change with the demands of the marketplace. As the pace of change accelerates, so do your needs and requirements. Our agile approach allows us to create the most valuable product within a timeframe that fits your goals, as well as plan subsequent releases to satisfy future growth.

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