Expert technology consulting service with an independent perspective

  • Expertise at the intersection of technology and software

    You have a vision for your company—and you think technology just might be the catalyst. Whether you’re looking for a more modern software solution or you’re not sure where to start, you need a trusted technology consulting service partner to help determine the right investment to drive your business.

  • DOOR3’s technology consulting service can chart your path to success

    We specialize at working where business and technology meet. Our teams bring together technical expertise, business acumen, and user experience and design insights into a complete consulting solution. We take the time to understand your company and sector, your users, and your hopes and needs to come up with a customized solution that’s the right fit for your organization.

  • We create solutions that amplify enterprises

    With our technology consulting services, we help engage clients at high levels of management in order to create technology-focused strategies to advance their position in the market. From startups hoping to define their disruptive products to finance and insurance giants looking to create a killer app, we build smart strategies that propel businesses to success.

Our Technology Consulting Services Include

  • Discovery

    Maximize the impact of your project with expert analysis and planning through an informative development process.

  • Digital Strategy

    Realize your vision with an expert partner and a smart digital strategy designed to fit your needs with the power to revolutionize your business.

  • Enterprise Architecture

    Set your company up for future success with a technology strategy and software architecture selected and built to grow with your business.

  • Consulting CTO/CIO

    Map out your strategic vision with an experienced partner that can plot your course to success.

  • Business Analysis

    Find more business value in your digital projects with smart, insight-driven, and user-focused expertise powering your development.

  • Project Management

    Create a roadmap for success with a strategic partner that can synthesize disciplines and drive collaboration.

Our Work

Connecting a global law firm on one award-winning intranet

Connecting a global law firm on one award-winning intranet

Why DOOR3?

  • Insight


    We get to know our clients. We promise to become experts in your business, taking the time to understand your unique needs and coming from a place of empathy and shared purpose.

  • Collaboration


    We believe solutions are better when everyone is involved—from client partners to diverse disciplines—to create the optimal digital adaptations for your business.

  • Future Focus

    Future Focus

    We dream up solutions that benefit your business for years to come, not just the short term; we’ll align your technology with the future of your organization to create truly lasting value.

“Integrate them right into your team. They want to learn and they want to help you…. The more you allow them to partner and understand your business, the easier it will be for them to come up with solutions to whatever your biggest challenges are.”

Jon Malat,
Former VP of App Development,