We’re a colorful, creative team of people passionate about making the digital world a better place to be.

Founded in 2002, DOOR3 is an independent technology consultancy and software development firm headquartered in New York City and supported by a global team of talented professionals committed to building things of lasting value.


  •  Alex Asianov

    Alex Asianov

    Founder & President

  •  Jonathan Blessing

    Jonathan Blessing

    Chief Executive Officer

  •  Michael Montecuollo

    Michael Montecuollo

    Director of Principal Consulting

The DOOR3 Way

  • Create client success

    We bring empathy and a willingness to do what it takes, with an emphasis on creating lasting solutions.

  • Pursue excellence

    We keep the bar high, for individuals and for teams. We know the best work is done collaboratively, in teams where individual expertise is embraced and fostered.

  • Work with integrity

    We act like dedicated owners. We say what we mean and we do the right thing.

 The DOOR3 Way

We are more than a software consultancy.

We are a team of experts whose purpose is to elevate our clients through teamwork, transparency, and empathy.

Our Services

DOOR3 modernizes technology and evolves the enterprise, whether that’s a single business application or an entire organization. Our purpose is to provide our clients with expert guidance and to build software vital to their organizations.

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