Software development is hard. Our clients benefit from our peerless capacity to de-risk complex software development projects.

 Leading an experience overhaul for a sustainability-focused company

Leading a software experience overhaul for a sustainability-focused company

When Retrievr came to us, they had a solid foundation built on their existing application and localized user base but lacked a clear way forward. Leveraging our proficiency in software development, we collaborated closely with Retrievr to enhance their existing application, ensuring a seamless user experience for their sustainability initiatives.

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What Sets DOOR3 Apart as a Leading Software Development Company?

 What Makes DOOR3 Development Succeed
  • We don’t just talk shop

    We view the development of your solution from a holistic approach, considering all elements of your business.

  • Pinpoint Accuracy

    Through in-depth discovery processes, our team creates accurate timelines and budgets, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

  • Independence is key

    DOOR3 is only obligated to its clients. No shadowy figures in the background—who you speak to is who you’re working with.

  • Humanity first approach

    We approach each project with empathy and understanding. Our team is full of people excited to engage and learn about you.

  • Seamless Fusion

    Choose DOOR3 for software development services and experience a blend of technical expertise and human-centered design.

Our Software Development Process

Software development is hard.  

Whether you’re building on top of existing infrastructure, improving an application, or making something the world has never seen before – we start from the same place. Understanding your needs.

At the core of our process, lies a commitment to weaving together software development and design. Our aim is to craft a user experience that not only meets but enriches the essence of your goals.

Technical Discovery

  • Low Cost Exploration

    Organizations can’t afford to spend development capital on high-risk projects. Tech discoveries with DOOR3 let stakeholders explore software solutions without breaking the bank.

  • The DOOR3 Experience

    Jumping into a long software development process with a team you don’t know is a recipe for disaster. Trial run the experts you’ll work with in a short-term discovery phase.

  • Guaranteed Roadmap

    We guarantee you a development roadmap regardless of whether we win your work. Use it with other software developers or your internal team—we are confident in our results.

How does our software discovery process work?

  • 1

    Why are we here?

    DOOR3 initiates the software development journey by conducting an initial assessment to get alignment around needs: your business requirements, and your user needs.

  • 2

    What are we going to do?

    We seek deep understanding of your product, its users, framed against existing architecture, content, and aesthetics.

  • 3

    How are we going to do it?

    DOOR3 provides you with an actionable software development roadmap, including technical recommendations, as well as clear budgets and timelines.

Building Your Vision

  • Software Developers and Designers

    Our developers and designers work hand in hand to create solutions that are engaging to the eye and easy to use. Agile methodology ensures that our software development team constantly iterates and implements your feedback.

  • Consultants and Analysts

    Solution development must consider the entire business, which is why our teams come loaded with our business analysts and a primary consultant to make sure what we develop aligns with your needs.

  • QA and DevOps

    Bespoke software development solutions require a careful eye and frequent testing. Our teams include experts in quality assurance to guarantee that our solutions run efficiently day one as they do at the end of their life cycle, and DevOps pros to make sure your infrastructure can handle what’s thrown at it.

Our Technology Services

We lay the foundation for success at every step of the way.

“DOOR3 was able to put everything together and help us achieve what we wanted.”

Andres Santos,
Senior Software Engineer,
Retrievr Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose DOOR3 as a software development company in NYC?

DOOR3 stands out as a top software development company in New York, offering tailored solutions, a focus on user-centred design, and a proven track record of success across diverse industries.

What makes the DOOR3 experience unique for software development clients in NYC?

The DOOR3 experience includes a short-term discovery phase, allowing clients to trial run our experts before committing to a long development process, ensuring a collaborative and successful partnership.

How does DOOR3 approach custom software development for startups and fintech companies in NYC?

DOOR3 adopts agile and iterative development processes, enabling rapid product launches, iterations, and improvements tailored for the dynamic and fast-paced environment of startups and fintech companies in NYC.

What sets DOOR3 apart in the NYC software development landscape?

DOOR3’s distinction lies in its technical excellence, client-focused approach, and successful track record in delivering custom software development projects in the dynamic business landscape of NYC.

Are you exclusively a custom software development company in New York?

While custom software development is a core focus, our services extend to encompass various facets of software development, addressing diverse business needs.

Let’s work together.