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Flamingo streamlines company-wide performance reviews.

Performance review platforms provide a view into the well-being of employees, but many are closed-source, inflexible, and expensive. DOOR3 needed a customized solution, and because building software is our passion, we developed the Flamingo review tool. Flamingo includes everything one might need—from user permissions to in-depth reports—in order to implement a successful company-wide performance review.

Flamingo allows for full spectrum feedback, from self-reviews to 360-degree feedback, so team members can review anyone they work with.

The streamlined review process uses 10 questions structured to maximize productive review conversations. We utilize unique questions for each group to help individual teams evaluate their performance within the context of their practice.

Flamingo is built on Drupal 9, and includes a fun tropical design, built-in automation, and a suite of video tutorials presented by the designer Ivan Berezhnov.
 Flamingo | D3 Labs

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