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As enterprise software products grow more complex, successful project management isn’t just about keeping the proverbial trains running. DOOR3’s project management consultants are as much strategic partners as project producers, working with our clients to create a roadmap for success and ensuring that our solutions are executed to provide the most value to your business.

We know that every successful project management plan relies on your company’s experience and vision, which is why we bring our clients into the process at every stage. Whether enabling client workshops, coaching teams on Agile practices, or giving stakeholders a window into our work through collaboration platforms, we make sure that you’re kept in the loop as a vital part of our project delivery process.

 Project Management Consulting | DOOR3

Our project management consulting capabilities

  • PMO Framework

    Through our project management consulting plans, we help clients achieve large-scale objectives spread across multiple tracks of work so that their products can launch as intended.

  • Enterprise PMO

    We work with clients to align technology, people, and processes to meet business objectives and enable digital transformation.

  • Agile Coaching

    We assist clients in implementing Agile development processes, enabling them to integrate business needs with tech initiatives through greater collaboration, and improving project delivery.

Our project management consulting principles

  • Visibility and Communication

    DOOR3’s project management consulting has a “no surprises policy.” Our project managers are constantly looking ahead at the dependencies and risks to ensure that our efforts stay on track, making sure clients are kept informed of concerns and changes as soon as they come up and working to proactively resolve issues. Using frequent syncs and daily demos, our project managers make sure that our clients act as an integral part of the process and feel in control of the outcome.

  • Coaching and Collaboration

    Our project managers improve well-established Agile workflows and introduce businesses to new software development methodologies. We offer collaboration and training that will enhance your development process at any stage.

  • Cross-Disciplinary Expertise

    Our project managers have backgrounds as varied as their skill sets — from former Quality Assurance specialists to developers to business analysis experts. All that combined experience means they’re equipped to take on multidisciplinary project management consulting efforts ranging from web development to transformative multiyear core engineering and ERP solutions.

  • Strategic Roadmapping

    Any project you undertake needs to be in the service of your company’s goals. We work closely with our clients to translate your vision into a strategic roadmap for success.


Project management trends

  • Cloud-Based Infrastructure

    DOOR3 has extensive experience working with cloud technologies and can offer your company a myriad of technology benefits, from massive data capabilities to the flexibility to scale up and down quickly.

  • Cybersecurity

    A dedicated technology management consulting partner will make it their business to keep your data safe. For modern enterprises, security is as important to your business as the tech that powers it. A strong security posture can keep your trade secrets safe and make you a trusted partner to your customers.

“DOOR3 is a trusted partner in the designing and building of our digital properties. For this project, DOOR3 was able to meet our goals within a tight timeline, working closely with our team.”

Joe Lalle, Vice President, Digital Product & Operations, WWE

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