Meet Our Team

  • Alex Asianov
    Alex Asianov
    Founder & President

    Alex founded DOOR3 in 2002 and serves as President. He brings nearly 25 years of expertise in operations management and analysis, including business process engineering, systems architecture and integration, and project management of globally distributed software delivery. Prior to starting DOOR3, Alex worked as an enterprise architect and technology strategist.

  • Jonathan Blessing
    Jonathan Blessing
    Chief Executive Officer

    As CEO, Jonathan sets the direction of travel for DOOR3’s global team. He brings more than a decade of chief executive experience to the role, along with technical expertise borne from years of coding and designing information systems. Jonathan ardently maintains DOOR3’s commitment to intellectual honesty and integrity of action as we build and modernize business applications for Fortune 1000 organizations.

  • Tetiana Babiy
    Tetiana Babiy
    Director of Kyiv Operations and People Strategy

    Tetiana opened DOOR3’s office in Kyiv in 2014 and has grown and managed our operations in Ukraine ever since. She contributes to DOOR3’s culture and business growth, with almost 20 years of experience in human resources, IT operations, and consulting. As Director of People Strategy, Tetiana is responsible for attracting and retaining the best talent, enriching our culture, and supporting our organization’s strategic objectives.

  • Jennifer Tenuto
    Jennifer Tenuto
    Director of Finance and Operations

    As the Director of Finance and Operations, Jennifer is responsible for DOOR3’s financial practices and operational activities including human resources, infrastructure, and risk management. She brings more than 15 years of experience and expertise to the role, along with a passion to support the DOOR3 team.

Principal Consultants

  • Michael Montecuollo
    Michael Montecuollo
    Director of Principal Consulting

    Michael leads DOOR3’s consulting arm and manages the practice. In his work as Director of Principal Consulting, he also oversees all client engagements at DOOR3 and takes an active role in strategy and solving our clients’ challenges. Michael brings over 14 years of experience in digital strategy, product development, user experience, design, and technology to the team.

  • Matt Dilmer
    Matt Dimler
    Principal Consultant

    With 25-plus years in software and consulting, Matt brings experience working with Fortune 1000 companies to his engagements at DOOR3. He continuously seeks to innovate in his work, which has ranged from modernizing an entire e-commerce suite to hands-on software development to overseeing automation strategy and architecture.

  • Kyle Woody
    Kyle Woody
    Principal Consultant

    As a Principal Consultant for the DOOR3 team, Kyle brings an entrepreneurial mindset and consulting expertise to his work. Ever passionate about helping our clients connect technology with business value, he has led projects for companies ranging from Fortune 100 organizations to start-ups, including whole-enterprise ERP, medical device IoT, AI-powered customer journey platforms, and an AR iOS app.

Practice Leads

  • dima-kushch
    Bart Michalak
    Business Analysis Practice Lead

    As the Practice Lead for the Business Analysis team, it is Bart’s responsibility to define the methodologies that guide project analysis and solution shaping. A passionate problem solver by nature, his approach is centered around a commitment that solutions should be tailored with careful consideration of the landscape in which they exist. Bart has more than five years of experience helping distributed implementation teams solve business problems with elegant technical solutions.

  • dima-kushch
    Dima Kushch
    Engineering Practice Lead

    Dima leads DOOR3’s engineering team, ensuring the products we deliver are of the highest quality. He has 10 years of experience developing and delivering custom software and web-based applications across a variety of clients and industries, and prioritizes selecting the best approach and technology to fit each project. Dima brings a strong product and design sensibility, along with attention to detail, to all of his work.

  • Liz Flyntz
    Liz Flyntz
    Director of UX & Design

    As Director of UX & Design, Liz leads our team of visual and user experience designers to develop best-in-class digital experiences for our clients and their customers. She has a decade of experience across the technology industry, from start-ups to large institutions, delivering digital projects and strategy for organizations ranging from higher education to finance. Liz approaches UX as a mindset, creating value by focusing on the end users’ needs.

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller
    Director of Solution Architects

    Robert has been with DOOR3 for 10 years, and serves as Director of the Solution Architects group. He brings over 20 years of both enterprise and start-up experience and is integral in shaping the direction of technology and implementation at DOOR3. Robert leads the company’s efforts for .NET development, creating the standards and practices that help guide the engineering team.

  • Sergey Matyash
    Sergey Matyash
    QA Practice Lead

    As QA Practice Lead at DOOR3, Sergey is responsible for managing our quality assurance team and verifying that all products being developed meet the acceptance criteria for delivery to clients. He brings more than eight years of experience in the industry, with more than five years in test automation. He has worked with a range of technologies and tools and helped launch a wide array of successful products.

  • Val Kerzhentseva
    Val Kerzhentseva
    Project Management Practice Lead

    Val is focused on building great teams as Practice Lead for Project Management at DOOR3. Her group is responsible for ensuring high-quality delivery and continually improving our processes. Val strongly believes that great PMs should maintain a global view, while being ready to dig into detail.

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