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Take your business’s technology operations into the 21st century.

DOOR3 has a wide range of expertise in cutting-edge technologies, enterprise solutions, and other essential digital disciplines. Let us support your business with our expert technology management consulting approach.

When it comes to your business, you’re the expert. You know your company, your teams, and your products inside and out. But what about the tech that supports your organization and helps it run every day? If you prefer to focus on the business of your business, an outsourced full time or fractional technology management solution can offload that responsibility to a knowledgeable third party. Whether you’re looking for someone to keep your company humming or help you streamline your operations with better software, DOOR3 is here to help.

With our fractional CIO, fractional CDO, or flexible PMO resources at your fingertips, you can easily scale your technology management capabilities up and down to launch new software or utilize disciplines that it may not make sense for your company to keep on staff, like Quality Assurance or Experience Strategy.

Our technology management consulting can bring to you not only the benefit of a single top-tier CIO but the brain trust of a community of DOOR3 CIOs and the on-demand support of DOOR3’s full digital staff. That includes flexible PMO resources so you can easily scale your technology management capacity up and down, and utilize other disciplines that it may not make sense for your company to permanently keep on staff, like Quality Assurance, Experience Strategy, or Core Architecture & Engineering.

Our teams are well-versed in industry best practices and the latest technologies, assuring that you’ll have top-notch support to strategically apply technology management solutions to build your business. From working with you to develop product roadmaps that align with your priorities to supporting your business as your industry’s tech landscape evolves over time, DOOR3 can help equip you with the tools you need to grow your company.

Our Technology Management Consulting Capabilities

  • Fractional Consulting CIO Services

    We can guide your digital initiatives with your company’s strategic roadmap in mind and service your technology needs with on-site or offsite support.

  • Fractional Consulting CDO Services

    We can lead your digital transformation and help your company discover new possibilities or lines of business, with technology that can provide a new source of income or competitive edge.

  • Turn-Key PMO (Project Management Office)

    We can help companies manage their development processes and introduce Agile methodology with our extensive project management administration experience and product management expertise.

What We Can Offer In Technology Management Consulting

  • Technical Perspective

    Figuring out the right technology management solutions for your company isn’t just about picking software; it’s about making strategic decisions that can completely change how your organization runs. DOOR3 can serve as your strategy and technology management consulting partner, providing fractional (part-time) CIO support to help plan the future of your company and let you go back to focusing on your core business.

  • User Experience Expertise

    If it doesn’t make sense for your company to maintain an in-house user experience skill set – maybe you don’t regularly make updates to your mission-critical software or you’re just now venturing out into customer-facing applications — DOOR3’s expert UX design team can provide the support you need, when you need it, creating smart, user-centric solutions that can be transformative for your organization.

  • Front End and Mobile Development

    You may have an in-house development team already, but if you’re looking to delve into programming languages or platforms that are outside of their expertise, a supplemental team can help you ramp up your capabilities quickly. DOOR3’s front end development and mobile development teams stay up on the latest code bases and technological advances to ensure that they’re creating the most innovative applications possible — that are also built to last.

  • Quality Assurance Aid

    An outside Quality Assurance team can provide perspective on your software and applications and help ensure you launch a superior project. Whether you’re looking to scale up capabilities and test globally or are in need of outside experts to find the weak spots in builds, our QA team brings a strategic, user-centric approach to ensure that you’re creating the best product you can while also minimizing risk.

Technology Management Consulting Market Trends

  • Cloud-Based Infrastructure

    The cloud can offer your company a myriad technology management benefits from massive data capabilities to the flexibility to scale up and down quickly. DOOR3 has extensive experience working with cloud technologies and can help your company make the jump in a smart way that works for your business.

  • Cybersecurity

    For modern enterprises, security is as important as the tech that powers your business. It can keep your trade secrets safe and give your customers the confidence to work with you. Keeping up with the ever-evolving and mutating world of cyber threats can be challenging, but a dedicated technology management consulting partner will make it their business to know how to keep your data safe.

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