Software Architecture Consulting & Core Engineering

The best way to ensure the success of your business software is to build it on the best platform.

The path to building the best applications for your business begins with strategic thinking. Our software architecture consulting services and core engineering practices are integrated from the start to ensure that we understand the breadth of your needs and choose the right technology for your company. Our team has a strong technology focus, but we’re “tech agnostic,” meaning we can work across a variety of platforms to build a wide range of solutions. All that to say, there’s no problem we can’t solve and we work to make sure we’re fitting our solutions to your business.

Our software architecture consulting process is about more than technology. It’s a collaborative effort between our team and our clients. We’re not just looking to build a particular application or piece of software; we’re solving a business challenge. We consider all the technology and systems your company works with to best determine how the product we’re building will fit and provide value to your operations. We also assess the latest technologies to make sure we’re creating a cutting-edge solution that will work for your business now and into the future. Our technology and software architecture choices are based upon industry best standards and ensure that your platform will be supportable and maintainable long term. It’s that forward-thinking approach and collaborative effort that ensures that what we build will contribute to your bottom line — and help your business grow.

Here’s just a sample of our many software architecture consulting capabilities:

  • .NET

    We use Microsoft’s platform to build cross-platform native applications that support modern technologies like AI and the Internet of things, and are backed by active open-source development community.

  • MEAN

    We use this open-source full stack framework to support a spectrum of Javascript projects thanks to its ability to mix and match a wide range of front-end languages.

  • Docker

    We use this flexible container platform to modernize legacy apps and help enterprises leverage hybrid cloud solutions to build on their existing infrastructure.

  • Symfony

    We use Symfony, maintained by SensioLabs, as a platform for PHP software that can quickly scale up thanks to its toolbox of ready-to-integrate software components and a framework for even the most complex applications.

  • Native iOS and Android

    To create mobile applications that are not only responsive but actually run natively on iPhones and Android devices, we build within the iOS and Android ecosystems to capitalize on performance advantages and mobile- and device-specific functionality.

Smart software architecture consulting and core engineering to enhance your product longevity and lifetime value

  • Consider the latest technology

    From machine learning and artificial intelligence to virtual reality to blockchain, we keep up with the latest technology trends to make sure we’re assembling the best, and most effective, architectural building blocks into a platform for your business.

  • Build on the power of community

    When we select a technology, we consider what the support looks like around it as well. With open source frameworks or well-supported technologies like .NET, you can get a community of innovators around the world contributing to the core software architecture. The more people are actively using and building on a code base, the easier it will be to innovate, and support and maintain into the future.

  • Put the pieces together

    We use a combination of custom development (front-end development and back-end development) and existing tools to make sure we build a solution on the best software architecture for your business in the most efficient way.

  • Partner with your business

    No matter what we’re building, software architecture consulting and core engineering needs to be a collaborative process to be the most effective. By working with clients to come up with the best solutions possible, we ensure that we’re following the right path and hitting your milestones for success.

Software Architecture Trends

  • Artificial Intelligence

    As technology gets smarter, we can utilize it to create cleaner software architecture. Instead of writing complicated code, a recommendation chatbot or suggestion engine can use pattern recognition to ingest the information and produce a more streamlined code. This saves the human effort of cleanup for a smoother final product.

  • Internet of Things

    Your applications don’t exist in a vacuum, so they shouldn’t perform like they do either. By taking into account the connected devices your company or users utilize, we can build smarter software architecture and platforms that wow customers and help your team be more efficient.

"DOOR3’s analysis and implementation of the right solution, as well as their user support skills, averted a crisis and got Studley out of knee-jerk mode, putting the company on the right track in terms of how decision-makers think about and use technology."

Duane Aliah
Director of Technology Studley

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