Case Study

DAA Enterprises Inc.

For independent local pharmacies across the U.S., and around the globe, DAA Enterprises is a crucial partner. Since 1975, the software company has been providing on-premise pharmacy management applications that help employees perform crucial functions, from running patient insurance to printing pharmacy labels to flagging drug interactions. But years of ad hoc updates had left DAA’s core software bloated, and the company was looking for a modern, cloud-based solution that would be scalable as they brought new clients on board.

 Case Study   Case Study

Our Challenge

To migrate DAA’s complex enterprise application while also streamlining functionality and upgrading its outdated interface

Modernizing the decades-old software while migrating to the cloud was crucial to success.

DAA had already tried to update its application once and, after five years of work, the project failed to come to fruition. The company is incredibly responsive to its customers and its desire to accommodate every feature request resulted in a complex code base with many branches. This left the company with a desktop product that was prohibitively complicated to recreate as a cloud-based application.

 Case Study  Case Study

Our Process

Accounting for complexity while creating a truly modern pharmacy application

Our work with DAA started with a multiday Envision workshop. Our team and the company’s product stakeholders spent three days going through 30-plus years’ worth of software features to prioritize the most valuable elements to include in the initial migration. Through identifying pain points, charting out high-level business workflows, and an analysis of revenue and cost sources, we were able to hone in on the functionality that was most crucial for current and prospective DAA users and clients. That prioritization then informed our designs, implementation, and future road map for the product, allowing us to create a streamlined application that was as powerful as it was straightforward to use.

“It was a collaborative effort every step of the way.”
Anwar Kazmi,
DAA Enterprises Inc.
Our ProcessOur Process

Our Solution

A modern, cloud-based solution

We honed in on core features to create an MVP that worked for all users.

Modernizing pharmaceutical software is no simple task. Our work for DAA had to account for in-person workflows as well as virtual, ensure that pharmacies can stay compliant with stringent regulations, and deal with a lot of complexity while being intuitive enough that newly minted pharmacists could pick it up as easily as users with decades of experience. By prioritizing key features and functionality, we developed a product that was simple to use, while also creating a road map for future enhancements.

We developed a scalable, cloud-based platform.

Much of the complexity of DAA’s software involved automation and workflows that had been built into the desktop application over the years: For instance, pharmacists need to know immediately how new drugs will interact with patients’ current prescriptions. The company’s new cloud-based offering includes that core functionality and allows DAA to roll out frequent updates as new features are introduced or state regulations change. It’s also easier to bring new customers on board and offers expanded functionality like the ability to file insurance claims electronically.

We designed a more intuitive interface.

Users had gotten used to workarounds and accepted the frustration of only being able to perform one function at a time. The updated software offers a clean dashboard with plenty of functionality, from tracking all open orders in a single dashboard to generating printable reports with the press of a button. With our new flexible user interface design, users are able to fill prescriptions while simultaneously looking up patient data or checking drug information to streamline their workflow.

“DOOR3 fulfilled exactly the vision we wanted for our product.”
Anwar Kazmi,
DAA Enterprises Inc.


Building a better product for the pharmacy industry

DAA sought out DOOR3’s expertise to help relaunch its core software in the cloud. We did that and more, creating a sleek, modern application that makes pharmacists’ lives easier while also opening up new possibilities with data insights and functionality.

DAA continues to roll out improvements through our ongoing partnership. The latest update makes it easy for pharmacists to use the app to communicate with patients via text message in their chosen language when prescriptions are ready or up for refills. Through our partnership, DAA is able to offer a competitive solution that is scalable and promises to meet its customer needs for a long time to come. Contact us here.

“DOOR3 was instrumental in bringing our idea to market, making it a reality. They helped identify what was critical so that we could focus on that and finish it in the shortest possible time at the lowest possible cost.”

Ismail Fenni
Director of Operations,
DAA Enterprises Inc.