Case Study


The global chemical industry spent around 41.7 billion dollars in 2017 in research and development. Advanced digital technologies that help with team collaboration and data sharing will significantly improve decision making in R&D, manufacturing, operations within the industry. It is also crucial in the product development life cycle to acquire efficient and comprehensive visibility into chemical data.
Door3 was brought in to help Elsevier to create a new product - ChemSel that addresses the information needs across the product development lifecycle.

 DOOR3 | Elsevier - ChemSel   DOOR3 | Elsevier - ChemSel


Improve to create a more efficient and personalized experience for geoscientists to increase users engagement

With a large database, efficiency is the key, geoscientists need a faster approach to make better interpretations and recommendations. Geofacets seeks to solve the UX/UI issues within the current app, identify and ideate new features to enable faster discovery of information, improve user engagement, and stay consistent with Elsevier branding. One of the main goals of the project is to increase efficiency by accelerating exploration research.

 DOOR3 | Elsevier - ChemSel

Our Process

Discovery and research, wireframe and iteration

 DOOR3 | Elsevier - ChemSel
DOOR3 | Elsevier - ChemSelDOOR3 | Elsevier - ChemSel