Prioritized quality assurance testing

DOOR3 offers a broad range of quality assurance services, structured to meet your company’s needs.

Quality assurance testing is a crucial part of any development project, whether you’re looking to launch a new application or update an existing one. Our quality assurance services mitigate risk by finding and prioritizing the defects that can affect usability and business value. With automated and distributed end-to-end testing capabilities, we ensure that your launch goes smoothly — no matter how big or small.

Quality assurance testing is an easily overlooked but crucial step in any development process. DOOR3 takes a user-centric approach to quality assurance services, focusing on how your customers and employees interact with your products and making sure they work for the people using them.

Our QA team will effectively quantify any errors and weigh priority against severity to ensure that the most mission-critical defects are flagged early on. For example, while an error in your logo might represent a minor defect in terms of functionality, it can have a huge impact on brand perception, and thus on business value. We take all these factors into account and align defects with their importance to business and usability concerns.

DOOR3’s quality assurance services are built into our entire process, from project scoping to development in the front-end and back-end environments. We work to minimize risk every step of the way and nimbly address issues based on their alignment with your company’s goals. When it comes to your company’s product we are committed to providing maximal confidence in the shortest amount of time and with the lowest amount of risk.Through our quality assurance services we optimize the end-to-end performance of your company’s product from IT to UX.

Our quality assurance services and testing capabilities

  • User Acceptance Testing Oversight

    We are experienced at leading the user acceptance testing (UAT) phase of projects — ensuring that user experience needs are served with each release and that your product provides the intended experience. This sets the stage for further product improvements.

  • Mobile Testing

    Mobile application development can be complicated by numerous operating systems and a wide range of devices requiring support. We have the expertise to ensure that even the most complex rollout goes smoothly.

  • Manual Testing

    We start by getting a clear understanding of your users’ needs to deliver the right manual QA testing plan to help mitigate risk ensure a successful launch.

  • Automated Testing

    For large-scale launches, rapid automated testing can reduce lag time for regression testing and offer a comprehensive end-to-end plan to test new functionality and determine how it interacts with the existing features of your product. Automated testing provides nearly instantaneous feedback and ensures that even the most complicated products launch without a hitch.

Our quality assurance services are flexible enough to fit a wide range of projects

  • We Can Mimic User Behavior

    Beyond testing from a user perspective, quality assurance can drive the development process by testing based on behavior requirements. During development, QA testing is continuously integrated to create a finished product that achieves your business goals.

  • We Can Work on a Global Scale

    Through a process called distributed testing, DOOR3 can ensure that your product will work no matter where your users are located, what device they’re on, or how reliable their access to the internet is.

  • We Can Test the Foundation

    For complicated applications, especially those involving lots of data, we kick the tires on the IT — core architecture, engineering elements, and data processing engines. This way you can be sure things are working well behind the scenes, even if issues are not immediately obvious on the front-end.

  • We Can Scale Up

    The growth and development of your company’s products will benefit from automated testing, especially where there is a high degree of repetitive or ongoing testing. DOOR3 provides the right end-to-end automated solutions for your product, from standalone functional automated testing to a fully automated continuous deployment model.

  • We Can Provide an Outside Perspective

    Sometimes it helps to have a set of eyes that aren’t intimately involved in the development process. DOOR3 can advise external development teams through QA testing and work collaboratively with clients for QA testing process management, bringing end-to-end structure and organization to the quality assurance process.

Quality Assurance Trends

  • Artificial Intelligence

    The emergence of artificial intelligence presents new challenges for QA testing. The ways that AI systems achieve results aren’t always traceable, putting more of a burden on testing to validate outcomes.

  • Machine Learning

    For particularly complex interactions or vast applications, automation can offer value during QA testing. By automating the processing of vast amounts of data, quality assurance services can provide maximum end-to-end testing coverage while reducing the human effort involved.

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Michael F. Dunleavy,
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