How Can DOOR3 Help with AWS DevOps?

We have guided teams from cloud aficionados to local server holdouts through the development life-cycle countless times. Through our development techniques and design patterns, we build our AWS infrastructure to be flexible to your needs, without needing to change large portions of the codebase. Simplified scalable service for cloud-based solutions.

How much is up to you

We can handle the entire development and deployment process, leaving you to enjoy the benefits of cutting edge cloud-based technology at your fingertips. Like to be more hands on? Not a problem, as our environments are built to be fully transferable from our ownership to yours.

Why AWS?

AWS DevOps is the industry standard when it comes to cloud services. As a true IAAs, AWS offers world class support and services, not to mention it comes at a lower price tag than its biggest competitor. AWS is a great fit for companies not tied to the Microsoft ecosystem.

DOOR3 AWS DevOps services

  • Local development

    Testing and demo environments during the implementation process.

  • Architecture development

    Creating infrastructure Architecture and cloud service setup that aligns with the needs of your business.

  • Application Security

    Engage with our advisors on security best practices for Cloud/Platform Services to keep your information safeguarded.

  • Integrating Platforms

    Set up and integrate pre-existing or new to your business platforms like Appsync, EventBridge, SNS, SQS, Step Functions, and more.

  • Directory Syncing

    Set up AWS Active Directory and sync with your On-Premise active directory.

  • DevOps tools

    Using AWS DevOps, integrated with github, to shorten the development cycle and encourage pipeline building.

  • Github Integration

    Integrating GitHub to make publishing to AWS Services via GitHub actions simple and straightforward.

Not seeing what you're looking for? Our AWS DevOps services are customizable to your specific needs. Speak with an advisor today to see how DOOR3 can support your business’s goals.