New York, NY, August 18, 2011 – First there was HTML. Then there were HTML editing software packages, followed by Content Management Systems (CMS) that effectively organized and managed the sheer volume of content and degree of complexity inherent in most corporate web sites. Now, a host of open-source CMS systems are changing the competitive landscape as we know it and giving commercial systems a run for their money. Drupal, winner of the Packt Open Source CMS Awards and three-time winner of the CNET Webware 100, is now utilized by hundreds of well-known organizations including corporations, media & publishing companies, governments, non-profits and schools. With clients spanning this range, DOOR3 could not be more proud to be a Drupal leader in the New York City market.

Companies come to DOOR3 for a variety of Drupal development projects including community knowledge networks, business incubators, marketing CMS systems, B2B CMS systems, social networking sites and resource databases. Working with non-profit Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, DOOR3 optimized work delivered by another agency utilizing Drupal 6 to solve for cross-platform usability challenges and improve theming. Time Warner utilized DOOR3’s Drupal 6 expertise, specifically application architecture and training to introduce a user-friendly, internal corporate CMS system. Seeking an optimized community knowledge network, IDG Strategic Marketing Services turned to DOOR3 to architect, design, build and support the Enterprise CIO Forum, sponsored by HP, also launched on Drupal 6.

Showcasing its creative, usability and visual design competencies, DOOR3 developed an internal network for global athletic products company New Balance that utilized a gaming interface to forge a link between employee participation and employee learning & development. Projects solving for usability and design concerns have also been developed and themed in Drupal 6 for both Bowne & Co. and SSG Capital. In addition, DOOR3 has also developed social networking communities for clients Zootoo and PureFare and is currently working to develop similar community sites for clients CheapEats and Baseball Pages. And leveraging organic group functionality in Drupal to coordinate voters into advocacy groups across 50 states, 100 senators and 435 representatives, DOOR3 is providing the platform for, a voter and issues advocacy online community.

In total, DOOR3 has worked on more than two dozen Drupal projects and is continuously adding to its portfolio. While most of DOOR3’s past Drupal development work has been based on the Drupal 6 platform, developers at the company have begun spinning out solutions on the recently introduced Drupal 7 platform. Thomson Reuters GRC counted on DOOR3 to deliver architecture, vet design and quickly implement their new marketing site with Drupal 7. Additionally, DOOR3 is using Drupal 7 for the redesign of, originally launched on Drupal 6. The work includes advanced theming work leveraging use of HTML5 to optimize usability across platforms.


DOOR3 designs and builds interactive enterprise applications for web, social and mobile media. The company has built its reputation on translating business process and marketing ideas and into executable, usable applications that introduce efficiencies and valuable results. Founded in 2002, DOOR3 is headquartered in New York City. For more information, contact [email protected]

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