The vaccines are working. COVID is in retreat - may it be beaten and stay so. And here, at DOOR3, we are returning to the office, carefully and voluntarily.

After nearly 15 months, DOOR3 is reestablishing an office in New York City, located a short walk from Grand Central Terminal.

Many of us have been waiting for the day when we could whiteboard with our colleagues… Shared environments support unplanned, freeform natural conversations that are a precursor to creativity.

Serendipity begets creativity begets solutions. And for there to be serendipity, we need workplace chaos, which is precisely what I don’t find when working from home. While at home, all my interactions are necessarily deliberate, all requiring that I overcome a noticeable threshold of effort, which inevitably is first encountered on my keyboard.

Whereas, in the shared space of an office, all I need to do is speak a word, raise a hand, or freshen my coffee and something is already happening… I’ll find myself in conversation with a colleague from the UX department, learning how our transition to a new toolset will hasten our workflow and improve the quality of our delivery.

I am excited to stand by the watercooler, ride the elevator, or grab a coffee if only to learn what’s happening elsewhere in the organization.

So, please drop in. Feel free to come without a reason or an agenda:

370 Lexington Avenue,
Suite 1806,
New York, NY 10017

Looking forward to seeing you IRL,

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