We are thrilled to announce DOOR3 is a winner in GDUSA’s 60th anniversary American Graphic Design Awards™ for our work with DOOR3 client, Leon Market.

For 60 years, Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) has been a source of news and information for graphic designers and the broader creative community. Located on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan NYC, where just a few blocks away the first edition of GDUSA was conceived and produced.

GDUSA covers news, people, projects, trends, technology, products, and services. In addition to the print magazine, the brand now encompasses a 110,000 visitor-a-month website, a monthly e-newsletter, a digital edition of the magazine, and several national design competitions that culminate in showcases of the best in Graphic Design, Package Design, Web Design, Inhouse Design, and Health+Wellness Design.

For the GDUSA 60th anniversary American Graphic Design Awards™, only the top 10% of entries are considered winners, Leon Market was one of those selected.

Leon Market is a groceries delivery app, transforming how the residents of Al Qassim acquire their everyday necessities in Saudi Arabia.

DOOR3 was challenged to seamlessly integrate this age-old practice of market shopping into a contemporary, digital experience.

The outcome was a striking, user-centric solution that blends intuitive UX with branding, ensuring every interaction is met with efficiency and user satisfaction.


DOOR3 designed a seamless user journey from item selection to doorstop delivery. To keep this experience accurate across all users, we created a dynamically updated web-scale database.

We focused on designing an app consumers would enjoy using, with exceptional user experience at the forefront of every decision made.

Deep understanding

Before a single wireframe was built, our team spent extensive time researching the personas that would use our application. We conducted holistic user testing to ensure that our approach took into account the unique cultural, linguistic, and digital nuances specific to Saudi Arabia.

A mirror’s edge

With both English and Arabic spoken in Saudi Arabia, one of our biggest challenges was designing an application that is as intuitive left-to-right as it is right-to-left. Working with our Saudi consultants, DOOR3 created a beautiful user experience in both languages, with flawless transitions in-between.

El-Souk (the market)

El-Souk, the name we bestowed upon our inaugural design system, reflects the team’s concerted efforts to infuse cultural elements throughout the user experience. In Saudi Arabia, markets have historically served as hubs of cultural exchange, featuring a rich blend of international products and culinary traditions.

Traditionally concentrated in specific city areas, these markets offered a diverse array of groceries in close proximity. By incorporating this cultural ethos into the design system, we sought to pay homage to tradition, reimagining the atomic structure and offering a contemporary visual perspective on atoms, components, patterns, and guidelines. This dynamic approach imbues El-Souk with vitality and enables it to seamlessly adapt to evolving feature and development requirements.

We at DOOR3 are honored to have our work recognized by such a prestigious organization. We hope to help more companies achieve their goals and create innovative, delightful products and digital solutions along the way. You can reach out to us by contacting us here.

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