This last January, I announced that DOOR3 raised $200,000 for our Ukrainian colleagues and their families in 2022. Today, I’m announcing that DOOR3 will contribute another $100,000.

For more than a year, the people of Ukraine have been fighting to protect their families and to secure a future for their country. Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock recently provided a very tidy summary of what’s at stake for Ukraine: “If Russia stops fighting, this war ends. If Ukraine stops fighting, Ukraine ends.”

I believe all of us living in the West have common cause with the people of Ukraine. Just as we do, they strive to embrace the principles of rule of law, open markets, and democracy. And, as Westerners and Americans –however imperfectly we might embody and benefit from them– we carry the burden of protecting these principles.

More democracy –not less– benefits all of us making our lives in the West. If Ukraine falls to Russia, there will be fewer people living in open societies and less democracy in the world. Only tyrants benefit from tyranny– while everyone (but the tyrants) benefits from democracy.

The war isn’t over. Their future is our future.

Help if you can:

The DOOR3 Relief Fund issues financial grants to our Ukrainian colleagues and their families to purchase backup power units, cover medical costs, cover war-related transportation & lodging, and replace income lost to the war. An example:

“My father is a very small farmer and he didn’t sell the grain he produced during the season, as our seaports are blocked and all agricultural products can’t be exported. We didn’t have the finances to start the sowing season. This fund allowed me to help them [my family] recover from the financial hardships of losing that crop season.” –Iaroslav Proskurnia

If not the DOOR3 Relief Fund, may I recommend supporting these causes:

International Red Cross
International Rescue Committee
Save the Children

Thank you.

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