Ukraine is fighting for its life—and we will not look away.

Many of our people are Ukraine-born, among them our founder. Through years of shared work and fellowship, all of us have come to feel very deeply for the people of Ukraine. At DOOR3 our soup is Ukrainian borscht.

Most of our Ukrainian colleagues are displaced. Many are living and working from Poland, Romania, Portugal, and elsewhere in Europe and Asia. As of this writing, everyone is accounted for and momentarily safe. Our priority is their safety.

In contrast to the violence brought by Vladimir Putin, our people have been largely met with warmth, compassion, and generosity by their new hosts in Poland, Romania, and elsewhere. After crossing into Romania, a colleague’s car broke down and was repaired without cost by kindhearted mechanics. The disgusting actions of one man have created millions of opportunities for kindness.

Like a great many, I’m frustrated that I’m not on the ground helping with food and shelter. But that doesn’t mean we can’t act: DOOR3 is committed to providing financial support to our displaced and disrupted colleagues. Our initial pledge is $100,000 in direct support. Should this fund be exhausted, we’ll replenish it.

Act. Do not look away. Meaningful action includes supporting these causes:

May the people of Ukraine be safe. May they one day soon be free from worry.


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