Case Study

American International Group

American International Group, Inc., also known as AIG, is an award-winning global insurance company that provides a range of insurance products to support clients in business and life.

DOOR3 | AIG Business Intelligence Dashboard

Our Goal

Creating a cohesive, usable experience for the BI dashboard. Generating scalable guidelines for all apps within AIG.

The challenges of this project are :

• Making outputs of data models understandable and consumable with a world-class interface, so that AIG can transform its decision making from “gut” to evidence-based.

• Providing guidance on how to leverage best practices to make consistent, user-friendly new applications and increase usage/adoption rate of applications.

DOOR3 | AIG Business Intelligence Dashboard

Our Process

Auditing existing platforms, giving recommendations

We interview target audiences to understand the desired usage, needs, and shortcomings of current interfaces.

We conducted thorough reviews on all current and in-development AIG Science interfaces using a systematic approach, from the dashboard information architecture, branding(look and feel), to technology.

We analyze existing AIG Science dashboards in-depth to understand and inform a re-architecture and design effort.

We looked closely at the structure and navigation of the dashboard, filtering and search, help and new users’ experience, latency issues, and large data tables and forms to identify problems and potential solutions within each area and give tangible recommendations moving forward.

DOOR3 | AIG Business Intelligence DashboardDOOR3 | AIG Business Intelligence Dashboard

Our Solution

Consistent, unified design and information structure across application

Consistent, focused and unified structure and navigation while accepting exceptions

We built shared vocabularies, established a set of rules for layout, navigation and filtering, focused each page within each application on presenting a single “story” with a unified structure across different technologies.

Globally accessible, prioritized filter system to drive the application

We put the filter system, which is used to drive the application, in a consistent location, prioritized according to the importance, and gave the users more control over it.

Best practice recommendation for different technologies with fallback alternatives

Based on our technology review, we provide a specific recommended approach within two of the tech architecture using wireframes.

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DOOR3 | AIG Business Intelligence Dashboard
DOOR3 | AIG Business Intelligence Dashboard