Case Study


Everest is an efficient and committed insurance company that provides seasoned and responsive underwriting services across all kinds of risk globally. DOOR3 has partnered with Everest to leverage its award-winning User Experience Design expertise to improve its flagship portal : Everlink.

 DOOR3 | Everest - Evelink   DOOR3 | Everest - Evelink

Our Challenge

To design and build an efficient, and seamless front end portal for workers compensation platform

The insurance marketplace is evolving along with overall rapid technological advances, and with this comes the need to persistently innovate and deliver delightful client experiences. With different technologies users use, to complete various work tasks — creating a new submission, handling booking tasks, and dealing with claims, designing a seamless and consistent portal to increase the efficiency of those tasks for the users and increase in-portal submissions becomes challenging.

 DOOR3 | Everest - Evelink

Our Process

Uncover problems, identify opportunities, design and prototype

We audit to uncover usability problems, identify opportunities to develop the portal’s ideal user experience by understanding the people who use it.

We performed UX audits for the existing Workers’ Comp portal to uncover and prioritize usability and design problems. We conducted a series of audience analysis, user interviews, and competitive evaluation then broke down the findings by their impact and effort with a focus on “High Impact, Low Effort” findings, which can be quickly implemented into the next version produced by Oceanwide.


We create user stories, design and prototype potential solutions.

In the form of wireframes, we produced a set of high-level screen flows that envisions the future of the Everest Re portal experience agnostic of any incumbent technical limitations.

Our Solution

Intuitive, focused interface drives in-portal usage and submission

Cleaner and simpler solutions to reduce redundancy, focus on essential functionalities
  • • Cleaner action-oriented pages to increase task performance, and get agents and underwriters on task faster.

  • • More straightforward and more focused search and filtering tool to reduce complexity, improve usability for average users.

  • • Faster form completion, less work for users.

Highlighting essential and widely used information, using different measures to give users positive feedback, or prevent errors
  • • Stronger focus on the most important task for forms and reduces the danger of lost work.

  • • Consistent use of language to minimize the learning curve for users.

Simple and intuitive navigations, integrating services to make the experience seamless
  • • Better grouping, simplified labeling, easier navigation.

  • • Important information, forms, and help are always accessible across the application.

  • • Integrated services make the in-portal experience seamless and smooth.

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