Case Study

IDT Corporation

IDT Corporation, is a leading global carrier of international long distance calls. Dedicated to help immigrants and the under-banked conveniently & inexpensively communicate around the world. Created a single, unified experience for an international calling app to meet the needs of their customers.

 Case Study   Case Study

Cost effective, reliable international communications.

IDT Telecom (IDT) needed to embrace the shift to the ever growing demand for mobile communications which was quickly replacing the slow process of using a calling card and operator to place cost-effective international calls.

To do so, IDT engaged DOOR3 to create a best of breed platform with a single user experience design that could be white labeled internally across multiple business units and encompassed both the Android and iOS platforms.

Knowing that many users of the apps would be new to technology, DOOR3 prioritized accessibility and capitalized on features that new users would already be familiar with. The user-friendly app utilizes contacts already stored and features simple, one-touch dialing. The app also invites new users on a virtual tour so that they can quickly and easily become acquainted with the technology.

From this unified baseline, IDT has now streamlined its approach to mobile application implementations. IDT can now launch international calling apps globally to meet the needs of their retail and wholesale customers in Central America, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

IDT Telecom is a subsidiary of IDT Corporation, a leading provider of retail telecommunications and payment services to help immigrants and the under-banked to conveniently and inexpensively communicate and share resources around the world. IDT’s wholesale business is a leading global carrier of international long distance voice calls.


“The DOOR3 team was very successful in creating a single, unified User Experience. They created a fantastic app that has been successful in delighting existing customers and attracting new subscribers. With DOOR3 you not only get great UX and design, you get a dedicated business partner.”

Eva Kantor

VP Products

IDT Corporation