Case Study


Retrievr is the first startup to provide an as-needed recycling service to consumers for their used clothing and electronics. The potential for this company to accelerate the adoption of electronics and clothing recycling is massive. After receiving early support from Google, Amazon, Dell Technologies, Microsoft, and Apple, Retrievr went looking for a partner to improve their user experience (UX), and found us to be the right fit for the job.

Case StudyCase Study

Retrievr’s Redesigned Homepage

Our Challenge

Create a consistent and delightful user experience

When Retrievr came to us, they had a solid foundation built on their existing application and localized user base, but lacked a clear way forward to meet the new scale at which the business would be operating. Their existing user experience was narrowly focused on a few key markets, and exclusively limited to mobile. There was evidence of user fatigue and confusion.

Retrievr wanted DOOR3 to provide a new direction for UX that reduced friction and enforced consistency.

Our engagement with Retrievr started with a UX audit and the development of a design system. Soon after the initial request however, the task became larger: to develop a straightforward and consistent user experience, while injecting flexibility into their already existing interface.

Retrievr’s Redesigned ExperienceRetrievr’s Redesigned Experience

Retrievr’s Redesigned Experience

Our Process

Execute discoveries uncovered in our UX audit

The first phase of our work with Retrievr involved conducting a UX audit on the current application. Our team reviewed and analyzed the experience of the product while applying the principles of heuristic evaluation.

Following the UX audit, it was clear that in order to maintain consistency of the application during Retrievr’s growth they needed a design system that would provide ready-made components and assets to be used by Retrievr’s front-end development team.

The DOOR3 design team developed new system elements to be shared with Retrievr, while our Quality Assurance team met regularly with their developers to ensure the design was aligned with the goals of the service.

Heuristic Evaluation of RetrievrHeuristic Evaluation of Retrievr

Heuristic Evaluation of Retrievr

Our Solution

Produce a design system for desktop and mobile, while keeping the client's needs in mind

We ensured quality from beginning to end,
Once these initial design system elements were presented, the Retrievr team decided that it would be in their best interest to extend our engagement to include design implementation and a complete application reskinning for both their mobile and desktop experience.

improved UX and introduced desktop use,
As our work with Retrievr deepened, the DOOR3 team developed user personas based on site analytics to aid in the development of a fully realized user flow. We focused on streamlining the Retrievr customer experience and creating a truly responsive and smooth application.

and created a design system that will grow with the company and its users.
Retrievr’s new design system houses bespoke illustrations and custom components. Establishing these styles and assets eases the burden of future implementation, and creates more intuitive experiences.

Pages of Retrievr’s Design SystemPages of Retrievr’s Design System

Pages of Retrievr’s Design System


Reliable scalability for an expanding service

DOOR3 led this project through discovery to implementation, and our client was thrilled with the final product. Our design team delivered distinct work that will engage customers and support this startup in leading the way into new areas of the sustainability field.

Thanks to DOOR3, the client got the seamless web experience they wanted, helping them decrease their bounce rate by 50%. The team was very transparent and organized, and they took the project to completion perfectly despite external challenges. Additionally, they were open and communicative.”

Andres Santos
Senior Software Engineer,