The rise in technology has caused businesses to provide the same customer experience on Mobile platforms as they do in their stores. Lexie Lu, in her article shows us 8 ways to create a successful User-Friendly Mobile Experience.

1. Customer is King

Today customers are more empowered than ever and with the big variety of devices on the market their journeys are disparate and include multiple channels. Customers often switch from their smartphone,to their tablets, or to their laptops. Providing a consistent user interface is the key to guide customers through a mobile process using simple steps.

2. Customer’s convenience

Don’t forget that your software, platform, mobile app is out there to solve problems and make customers life easier. Be sure make the process of using the company’s mobile interface as effortless as possible, and ensure that the data is collected just once to make it easier for the consumer.

3. Better customer experience

You have to admit - designing an improved experience is a process. Product design and extensive usability testing help eliminate difficulties and guide the customer fluently through the process resulting in a better customer experience.

4. Commitment to Security

Customers have the right to secure transactions and interaction with your mobile app on every step. Having solid agreements with top quality vendors is necessary to ensure your commitment to security is shared among all parties involved in the process.

5. Keeping it simple

Creating a mobile platform is a very complex exercise and depends on multiple integrations with systems and databases. Keep it simple - provide an interface for seamless integration in the web and retail checkout process.

6. Consistency through technical diversity

Aiming to provide a consistent user experience across all devices simplifies customer experience, makes brand integration quick and also reduces the need for technical support.

7. Brand integrity

Don’t underestimate the role of your brand or the complexity of the integrated digital channels. Make sure the look and feel of the brand is consistent and integrated across all devices.

8. Continuous improvement

Customers are empowered by technology and they move fast. If you want to keep up, you need to think about continuous improvement. Whether it’s software development, partner integration or customer service - innovative solutions can result in maximum efficiency and an optimal customer experience.

These are just a few of the ways to create a successful User-Friendly Mobile Experience, did we miss some?What do you think ? Drop us a line and let us know your opinion.

Nilesh Rohra
Nilesh Rohra
Marketing Coordinator
01.20. 2014
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