At DOOR3, we appreciate that the impact of data is maximized when insights can be cogently presented and easily understood. Achievement Network (ANet) is an education nonprofit that works alongside school leadership teams to strengthen school-wide practice and culture of using learning standards and achievement data to get breakthrough results for students in underserved communities.

DOOR3 had the opportunity to work with ANet to strengthen its flagship product with a round of redesigned screens and a design system. As a non-profit, one of ANet’s primary concerns was staying on time and on budget. In any design project with significant time constraints, prioritization becomes an essential driving force towards a successful product. This project was a balancing act of redesigning screens for a more intuitive user experience, maintaining consistency across all of ANet’s online platform, and efficient and timely project management. Click here to read more about our engagement with Achievement Network. And contact us for any queries.

“DOOR3 didn’t just give us pretty wireframes based on an imaginary backend. They considered our real limitations. We’re pleased with the engagement and are likely to hire them again for other parts of the product we need to revisit.” – Gillian Kradin, Director of Product at Achievement Network.

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