DOOR3 was recently awarded three w3 Silver Awards for our work with DAA Enterprises, Inc. Recognized in the General Websites: Web Applications/Services, Website Features: Best Structure and Navigation, and Website Features:Best User Experience categories, we are honored for our work to be acknowledged by the web’s first major design competition open to companies large and small.

Independent pharmacies across the globe rely on DAA’s pharmacy management software to help serve their communities’ healthcare needs. For DAA Enterprises we created a cloud-based application that streamlines the complexity of pharmacists’ work while also implementing a flexible, intuitive user interface. DOOR3’s redesign of DAA’s core software yielded sleek and scalable software that is easy to learn by pharmacists.


For over 16 years, the w3 Awards recognized digital excellence in Websites, Marketing, Video, Mobile Sites & Apps, Social and Podcasts. We would like to thank w3 and the adjudicating body of the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts for this honor.

Building complex software tools requires an informed understanding of a clients’ specific needs. To put it simply, building complex software requires listening. At DOOR3, we seek to understand our clients’ needs completely before building solutions. It’s through this process of understanding and discovery that intuitive, flexible designs can emerge.

Click here to read more about our work with DAA Enterprises, Inc.

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