The future of our world matters to us at DOOR3, so when Retrievr came knocking on our door, we jumped on the opportunity to work with a company focused on improving the health of the environment.

Recycling in the United States is not where it needs to be to make it an effective solution in the battle for sustainability. Retrievr aims to help push us in the right direction by simplifying the process of recycling consumer electronics and clothing in the Philadelphia and Denver areas.

The idea was simple: instead of asking people to travel to specific facilities to recycle specialty items, Retrievr goes to them. While this idea is certainly straightforward, that doesn’t mean execution was a walk in the park.

Retrievr had to develop a software that not only worked well, but was extremely user-friendly. An extra click or a confusing navigation menu might be enough to turn new users away, which is why we were retained: to design and implement a frictionless UX.


DOOR3 provided Retrievr with a new direction for their UX. The first steps with us were to conduct an audit of the existing platform to find places that could be improved. After the audit, our team set out to create a design system that would guide all future UX development.

The end result of the Retrievr project is one that we are very proud of, so much so that we created a case study. We want to thank the Retrievr team for trusting us, and we are so excited to see how this company continues to grow and expand. Now check our case study on Retrievr here!

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