The internet plays a big role in the lives of many people today, and User Experience design is closely associated with it. Users expect to have a seamless experience not just on their computers but also on their smartphones. They can get annoyed with your website very quickly if they don’t see what they need and leave. Your website represents your brand and that’s the reason you should take user experience and design very seriously.

In her recent article, Michelle Hughes of Micromedia, points out three elements why UX should always be the top priority.

Why businesses should make user experience a priority


Customers want convenience, they don’t want to be having to constantly learn new systems. Consistency across visual design, interactions and UX content strategy will help your customers move between channels easily, e.g. from their computer to their mobile, without having to relearn how to use your website.


Your customers should be able to complete all actions regardless of the kind of device they are using to access your website. While your mobile site should be optimized for the device and therefore somewhat cut down, the site shouldn’t be restrictive and offer less functionality.

Seamless ability

Ideally, your website should present the ability to complete an action across multiple devices. For example, if a customer places an item in the basket while logged into your site on a smartphone, that same item should still be in the cart if they then go on to login to your site on a laptop. Online user experience should also take into account checkout time, the checkout process and crucially, measurement of your customers’ experience online.

User experience is all about careful measurement and management; you must be aware of your customers’ high expectations and cater for these in order to win new customers and retain those that have previously purchased.

Nilesh Rohra
Nilesh Rohra
Marketing Coordinator
04.01. 2014
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