Every company has a story to tell. Communicating this story to customers and prospective customers is key to growing your business. Often though, telling that story is lost in a wash of superfluous and overwhelming content. This is known as ‘Content load’ and it might be costing you business and brand awareness. In this article, we’ll look at UX Content Strategy which combines strategic thinking that can impact many aspects of UX strategy.

So what to do?

UX Content Strategy For Your Business

Here are four simple ways to develop the right UX content strategy for your business:

Build a seamless experience

When a person visits your site for the first time, you want to convert that person into a buyer, in fact, a repeat customer. Make their experience as seamless as possible from the beginning. This kind of mindset has to been seen when you plan your UX content strategy.

Be clear about your goals

Make sure the information on every page is clear and free of extraneous content. Keep in mind that it takes 6 seconds for a user to form an opinion about your site. Hence, you should make sure that you’ve been concise about your UX content which will ensure the user has a positive opinion.

Perform a Funnel Analysis

Funnel analysis is a great way to track the activities performed by the users on your website. Depending on the nature of your business, identifying the primary pain points for users is important. Google Analytics helps you to perform this exercise and plan out a better way to deliver UX content strategy in a way that will push users through your sales funnel.

Visuals should support (not distract) the story

Visuals are a traditional and sound way to communicate a message. The design and visuals you choose to support your story will be held to high standards by your clients. They will judge the integrity of your business and/or product by how you present them to the world. Keep that in mind.

Try these simple ways to help you provide a better direction while planning, creating, and implementing your UX content strategy, keeping the user at the center of everything. You should also keep your focus on UX design strategy.

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